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Airbags Are Dangerous :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 1 0
Iona Abbey :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 0 FC: LunaDiamond Sister :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 3 FC: LunaDiamond :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 1 7 Steven/Lapis Fusion: Purple Jade :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 2 0 Default Ship Adopts :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 4 22
Mature content
sometimes I like going back to my childhood :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 1 5
Sombra/Mane 6 Adopts :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 5 24 WhereIsMothman.jpg :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 1 3
Just a Game
You asked me if I wanted to play a game
You never bothered to mention
It was a game of strategy and war
Where only my blood would be spilled
"It's just a game" you told me
"What kind of game?" I asked
"You'll win if you just don't say no"
I wanted to win
I didn't say no
I still lost
:iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 0
Don't Take Your Childhood For Granted
I hate hearing people talk fondly of their childhoods

Of the way Mommy held them

Or how Daddy kissed them better when they cried

I hate smiling and pretending I understand
When they ask me if I know what they mean

When they say “Remember that?”

Or “Don’t you wish you could go back?”

I want to scream no
no no no no no


All a child wants is to be held close by Mommy

Was I not worthy of having that?
No, my childhood wasn’t yours

My childhood was never sunshine and smiles

My childhood was the food Daddy couldn’t afford

But the alcohol Mommy always could
The way small fingers go numb

When nobody bothers to pay the bills

And shying away when friends ask

“Why are you so quiet?”
My childhood is late nights

Filled with broken glass and screaming

Filled with blood and bruises

And hair pulled out of your h
:iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 1 3
I was born into a war zone.
Everywhere i turned, I saw destruction,
Fighting and screaming and pain.
Dilapidated buildings crumbling around me.
I became a little child soldier,
Thrust into the middle of battle.
The enemy in this war was so much bigger,
How was I expected to fight them off?
I came armed with a stick,
Play pretend it was a knife.
I was still a child after all.
I came armed with innocence.
My hands shook holding my "weapons,"
Because the enemy advanced with real ones.
They came for me with claws and strength.
What could I do to stop them?
I became a prisoner of war
In a place I should have been safe.
Tortured in the sheets of a traitor's bed.
Even allies become aggressors in this war.
Shards of metal slice and scar my arms,
Thrown through the air by bombs going off.
Bombs of violence, alcoholism, suicide threats.
Explosions are so loud for tiny ears.
I lived in a war zone for 17 years,
And crawled out on my hands and knees.
I lost the war.
But at least I got out alive.
:iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 11
Mature content
my traumas are all too ugly :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 0
A Spectrum of Emotions
I am seeing red
The blood of my friends,
Brothers, sisters,
Running through the streets.
Because everywhere I look
I see orange,
And that has always
Been my least favorite color.
There are warning signs
Yellow and screaming,
"CAUTION" they say.
And I still see green,
But now it is a waiting game,
Wondering when our trees
Will be uprooted.
Waves of blue
Crashing over me,
And in this moment
I wish they would drown me.
The thought of purple
Will always scare me
Because that is our bruises,
The wounds we have always carried.
But, he will not
Get the best of me
Because rainbows
Have always meant hope.
:iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 0 0
Mature content
SFX Goretober Day 2: Hand/Finger Trauma :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 2 1
Mature content
SFX Goretober Day 1: Arm Trauma :iconstellardragons:StellarDragons 4 0


Confession :iconpixiepixelz:PixiePixelz 4 0 Things You've Never Done (Paradoxverse AU) :iconpixiepixelz:PixiePixelz 2 0 MLP NG: Gull-Wing the griffon :iconponydreamdiary:ponydreamdiary 161 9 More WishPan breedables :iconbubba8608:bubba8608 6 2 Three Months of Starberry Shipping :iconstarryoak:StarryOak 45 22 Twinkie Adopt (Closed) :iconpixiepixelz:PixiePixelz 1 4 FSF MB: Garnidot :iconiesbeans:Iesbeans 14 2 SU: Candy Jade (Steven + Peridot Fusion) :iconstrawberry-spritz:Strawberry-Spritz 62 23
Mature content
CANDY HEARTS AND SPILLED GUTS :iconstrawberry-spritz:Strawberry-Spritz 14 27
I redid some mermaids :iconbutterflyblossoms:ButterflyBlossoms 37 3 Starberry Sibs :iconstrawberry-spritz:Strawberry-Spritz 23 10 Intertwined :iconstarryoak:StarryOak 38 22 well, i think you're pretty great :iconiceyclovers:Iceyclovers 239 72
your body is jerusalem,
he’ll tell you
coveted first, then plundered.
– you’re my backwater bedroom
martyr, he’ll tell you
as he nails your wrists
to bedposts,
seizes your tongue like
a white flag,
pulls stones from your parapets –
little sister,
i’ll tell you
the children’s crusade
is lost:
and you’ll kneel at his sword and know
you were always his
to take
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 121 36
Lovely Day :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,346 194 Baby Hugs and Tugs :iconbutterflyblossoms:ButterflyBlossoms 44 8


I need more points should I do adopts or breedables or What

and if adopts, what ships would yall wanna see ??


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United States
Ayyy what up my name's Michel Kale I'm 18 and I'm gay as hell

Call me Mikey or Kale

he/him pronouns

I'm just a boring nerd tbh dont follow me im lame

I'm a gay trans guy so if that changes ur opinion on following me good bc i dont want u here anyway

im also otherkin + fictionkin so pls dont follow if ur kin w Damian Wayne bc that is Me™

im also kin w Peedee from SU, Fionna from AT, and Fluttershy from MLP but feel free to follow !

im also mermaidkin, seahorsekin, and bunnykin !!

wow typing this out I realize I have a lot sorry,,,,,

old account is :iconliz72098:

I'm on tumblr as Trans-peedee


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MoMoNokee Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
omg im sorry but i dont have enough points,i guess i didnt check sorry
StellarDragons Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aww thats ok!
StarryOak Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
trans saffron masala pass it on
StellarDragons Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree wholeheartedly (also sorry ive been gone so long)
StarryOak Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ts'ok, I just started to get a teeny tiny bit worried, so I tried to use my greatest calling device for you; Trans headcanons 
that and I totally headcanon it
StellarDragons Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

i mean. you arent wrong.
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StarryOak Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, Pre-New 52 Amanda Waller was fucking perfect
StellarDragons Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Waller omg she's great!! Attack on Arkham is a good movie with a good Waller in it
StarryOak Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waller is a fat late middle aged black lady who has canonically driven Batman back into a corner just by talking to him. She. Drove. Batman into a corner by talking. Batman is afraid of Amanda Waller. He is a superhero and she is a short, flat out fat (I mean this well) black woman in her 50's with no superpowers, and he is afraid of her
StellarDragons Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I KNOWWWW. Before she was intimidating just because she was HER, ya know? How she carried herself, how she spoke, just who she was made her so powerful that it terrifies the most hardened criminals.
Now, it's something stupid like she's so sexy that it scares people or something??? I don't even know anymore
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